Müge Büyükçelen - Reviews


“A performer of exceptional ability, Sylphlike in stature,
she swings and sways through the glorious adagio solos
with balletic grace.” John Arnett

“There is no doubt that, since arriving here
from Turkey – by way of Toulouse – not quite three years ago, violinist Muge Buyukcelen has made quite a name for herself in Victoria, albeit a name that, I venture to suggest, most of us are not altogether sure how to pronounce.” Deryk Barker

“Her manner on stage just carries
everybody with her.” Norman Nelson

"I have had the privilege of observing Muge in the music studio as well as in performance practically since her arrival in Victoria.
        A shining intelligence and clinical attention to detail inform her approach to teaching and enable her to execute the most difficult of virtuosic  passages seemingly without effort.
       Her poise, ardor and sheer delight in bringing the music
to life never fail to enchant an audience.
       Victoria is fortunate to harbour such a talent."  Ken Dimoff

“ Buyukcelen's violin soaring effortlessly over
the distant rumble of traffic and, however briefly,
lifting the cares of everyday life
from our shoulders.” Deryk Barker